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I have significant experience in both complex fraud and asset-tracing in multiple jurisdictions and non-contentious restructuring, having ‘started’ my insolvency career as a lowly stock assistant during the collapse of Woolworths.

Restructuring and insolvency is an area of law that touches more and more ordinary people every day. I am glad that I can help, not just major national firms and lenders, but SMEs and owner-managed businesses with debt and finance issues.

My work ranges from working with lenders to monitor their risk and take enforcement action to working with businesses in distress to restructure or refinance; from advising high net worth individuals on their investments to helping entrepreneurs and investors to buy assets, and from advising insolvency practitioners on selling and recovering assets to helping directors resist claims against them arising from insolvency. Because of my wide range of experience, I am able to give focused care to clients involved with a distressed business.

When I’m not at work, I love being outside and keeping fit as well as try new food and drink in different countries – I try to combine both by going on adventurous holidays.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Take advice at the earliest sign of trouble.

Take advice from an insolvency specialist.

Agree on clear action steps and fee proposals at the outset.

Frequently asked questions

How can we get some breathing space to take stock, consider options, and decide on the best course of action?
Depending upon the situation, there are ways of delaying enforcement action, formally or informally, using the insolvency frameworks. The key is to take advice at the earliest opportunity and often to consult with key creditors and stakeholders directly to decide upon a strategy.

Can I be personally liable for any of the company’s debts?
The starting point is no, a director is not ordinarily liable for a company’s debts.
But liquidators and administrators have a host of claims they can bring against third parties, in particular directors and shareholders, to recover money or assets on behalf of creditors and to seek compensation for losses incurred by creditors. Putting aside fraud and misfeasance, a director can become a target for litigation even for transactions which were entirely innocent at the time.

With so many solicitors around, why should I choose to instruct you?
After so many years in the industry, I have come across many weird and wonderful situations in the areas of both company restructuring and insolvency litigation.
Having advised lenders, corporates and individual director/shareholders, I am able to advise on the different stages of an insolvency process, predict likely lines of enquiry, and guide you through the relevant issues calmly and coherently without drowning you in legal terminology.

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