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Alice Gathern

Associate, Residential Property Real Estate

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Property law can be very technical and I like the fact that it presents new challenges regularly. I get great satisfaction from happy clients and I take the time to explain matters in detail so they understand all the risks and implications of any decisions they make.

Selling or buying property can be stressful and I am empathetic and understanding towards my real estate clients during this time. I like to believe that I am approachable and friendly so clients feel they can discuss any questions no matter how big or small. My clients include individuals, companies building property portfolios, first time buyers, and trusts.

I can assist with a wide range of legal specialisms, including leasehold and freehold property sale and purchases, plot sales and purchases, lease extensions, lease variations, transfer of equity, assents, and auction transactions.

Outside of work, I enjoy sea kayaking, hiking, reading crime novels and spending time with my family.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Have a survey.

Be realistic with timescales for completion to avoid unnecessary stress.

Ensure finances are in place before you make an offer on a property.

Read questions I'm frequently asked

How long will the conveyancing process take?

The real answer is that the length of time in which a transaction takes to complete is based on a variety of factors outside of our control. For example, the mortgage offer being issued, and the searches being returned. However, on average a conveyancing transaction takes around 12 weeks.

What are the searches?

The searches obtained usually include an environmental search, drainage and water search and a local search. The environmental search concerns any issues past or present concerning contamination at the property.

The drainage search would reveal whether the property is connected to mains for water connections, surface water drainage and sewage water drainage. It would also confirm whether the property has been built over any drainage assets.

The local search would confirm whether all planning and building control consents have been obtained for the construction of or alterations to the property. It will also confirm whether the access to the property is maintained at public expense and whether there are any public rights of way over or abutting the property. It would confirm whether the property is a listed building or within an area where there are planning restrictions or protected trees.

Why do I need to provide evidence of my source of funds?

In order for us to comply with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, we must establish the source of funds being used for a property purchase.

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