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Brands have a power to attract consumers – I work with my clients to ensure their brand is protected, through understanding their commercial needs as if they were my own and finding the best way to meet them. My job involves identifying the most commercially beneficial and cost-effective legal protection of your brand, but I stay people-focussed – getting to know you better so I can be a more effective partner.

I’ve worked with a broad range of clients, from tech start-ups to large multinationals, helping them with everything from finding commercial partners to managing their intellectual property portfolio. I’ve worked with brands such as Douwe Egberts, Kenco, and Tassimo in the UK and Mitsubishi in Japan, and individuals from Chief Councils to Junior Marketers. My specialisms include trade mark search and clearance, filing and registration and infringement issues, confidentiality and NDAs for IP protection, IP licencing and R&D agreements, as well as IP portfolio management.

Outside work, my passions include Japan, having lived and worked there for 11 years; coffee – I’m a trained barista and coffee taster having worked for the world’s largest pure play coffee company for seven years – and spending time with my family.

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Be original with your branding. The more striking and original the branding of your product is, the easier it will be to obtain protection for it.

Think ahead in terms of the commercial future of your brand. The clearer the future vision for your brand in terms of products and markets the easier it will be to protect it.

Be strategic about how you protect your brand. The cost of protecting everything is often prohibitive, so be strategic about what you protect and where. Strike an acceptable commercial balance that gives best value to your brand protection.

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What is the difference between a brand and a trade mark?
A brand is a sign which identifies a commercial origin and is often used on a variety of similar products. A trade mark is a legal right in the form of a sign that identifies the commercial origin of a particular product and prevents others from using a similar or identical sign on similar or identical products.

What is the best way to protect my brand from my competitors?
By applying for a registered trade mark for your brand on the products you’re using it on. This will give you the legal right to prevent your competitors from using similar or identical brands on similar or identical products.

Do I need to spend money to register a trade mark to protect my brand?
Registering a trade mark is the simplest and most effective way of legally protecting your brand.

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