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Alyson McGowan

Senior Associate, Disputed Wills, Trusts & Estates Private Client

About me

I enjoy the fact that dispute resolution and litigation work offers a challenging and varied range of both clients and issues, and my focus is on providing all clients with realistic and straightforward advice which is relevant to their case, with emphasis on the big picture to enable us to reach an early resolution.

Many of my clients have lost someone important to them; disputes over wills or estates can be especially difficult for people, bound up as they are with loss. I genuinely and effectively listen to my clients, and then act promptly – my objectivity can help to focus on the desired outcome.

Outside work, I love to get outdoors, especially on family walks with our cocker spaniel both in the country and on the coast.

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Ensure that all evidence is available.

Make sure the full picture is provided.

Focus on what is important and achievable.

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Will I have to go to court?

Not necessarily – it’s essential to look at ways to resolve a claim before considering court action. There are always alternatives.

Is there a time limit to bring a claim?

That depends on the claim; some types of claim do have a set limit within which to issue.

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