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Anthony Goodfellow

Partner, Head of Real Estate, Hereford and Wye Valley Real Estate

About me

I deal with a range of businesses and clients on a daily basis, from large companies and major retailers to higher and further education providers and individual business owners. I provide clear, relevant and commercial advice.

I’ve always taken an interest in the fast moving property world and enjoy being a part of the team to develop sites and successfully deliver projects.

I’m a proactive lawyer and strive to exceed expectations by working to understand each client’s commercial and business objectives and not just the legal requirements. I aim to build a good rapport with clients to ensure an enjoyable working relationship.

Outside work, I like to spend time with my young family and I enjoy running and watching most sports.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Use a solicitor who will provide high quality and relevant advice.

Find one that you can trust implicitly and who shares the same expectations.

Choose a legal expert you’ll enjoy working with – after all, you’ll be speaking to each other a lot.

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Why did you become a lawyer?

I’ve always respected and valued the Rule of Law in society and wanted a career that would challenge me.

What sets you apart from other solicitors?

I give advice which doesn’t just set out the legal position – it also provides tailored commercial advice to help the client’s business.

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