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Becky Woodcock

Senior Associate, Commercial Property Real Estate

About me

As a real estate solicitor, I get to work with a wide variety of clients who all have different needs from their properties. I really enjoy working with something tangible – and helping clients to secure a property which will help them achieve their business goals. This could be anything from new headquarters to a development site. I take the time to get to know my clients and their business strategy so I can provide straightforward, commercial advice that meets their needs.

I’ve worked with clients from across a range of sectors, including life science, biotechnology, tech, charity and media. My specialisms include landlord and tenant matters, investment and leasing advice, charity property advice and option and development agreements.

Outside work I like to bake celebration cakes for friends and family, and really enjoy singing. I’m even in a band – and get to be a rock star for a few nights a year!

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Get an agent involved early to assist with negotiating contract terms for a deal

If you’re leasing or buying property, carry out a building survey as soon as possible to ensure there are no physical issues with the property – e.g., structural defects or insufficient power

Try and limit your liabilities wherever possible

My frequently asked questions

Do I need to do due diligence on a property?

I would always recommend that full due diligence is carried out, as you take a property subject to any adverse issues – whether you know about them or not.

Can we agree to sort this issue out after completion?

There is nothing legally preventing you from resolving an issue after completion of a transaction, but the parties will not be contractually obliged to resolve the issue if it is not dealt with in the documents. Where possible, sort any major issues out before completion of a matter.

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