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Helping people through important stages of their life – from marriage and buying a first property to retirement – and building longstanding relationships is why I specialise in private client law.

Understanding every personal circumstance is crucial for providing efficient and in-depth advice. My priority is to also help guide clients through the process, especially when it involves the loss of a loved one or preparing for death.

From helping business owners to people with rural properties, on a range of matters including wills, complex business/trust structures and deceased estate administration, clients can trust my experience to deliver the outcome that is right for them.

Outside work, I enjoy travelling and playing and watching rugby league – stemming from my time practicing as a solicitor in Australia!

Top Tips & FAQs

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Don’t wait until you are sick / older to have an estate plan in place.

It’s OK to ask questions – there is a lot to think about in this area of law and answers differ depending on a client’s particular circumstances/assets.

Have a will prepared – ensure your wishes are documented and assets are passing the way you would like them to.

Read questions I’m frequently asked

Do I need a will? I don’t have much money
Every adult should have a will. A person may not have a lot of money but may have assets with a higher value (i.e., property or shares). If you don’t have a will, legislation dictates who receives your estate, which may not necessarily be your wishes.

I don’t have a will, but everything will go to my spouse, won’t it?
This will depend on whether if you have children and how your assets are owned. It is not always the case your spouse will receive all your estate.

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