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As a restructuring and insolvency specialist, no two days are the same. There is variety and unlimited scope to work within many different areas of law, with a varied client base, and within the Court infrastructure. This diversity relies on me staying up to date on the shifting sands of the law, and being available to my clients when they need me most.

I have both experience and expertise within this field, having practised law for more than 25 years and represented insolvency practitioners, creditors, debtors, company directors, government bodies, and educational institutions. I am on-hand to draft agreements, witness statements, skeleton arguments, as well as performing advocacy, settlement negotiations, and meditation.

Outside of work, I am passionate about rugby, football, cricket, and tennis, as well as music and travel.

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Justice delayed can be justice denied. Obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Maintain accurate records if you wish a claim to be pursued by way of litigation and/or to defend such proceedings.

Understand the terms of a contract fully.

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What are the time scales and cost?

These are always dependent upon the value of the claim, the issues involved, and whether there are third parties. There is also the court’s timetable to be considered, if relevant.

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