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I work across areas including commercial property, foreign investment in UK property, charities and Islamic finance, with clients like restaurateurs, property developers and people looking for strategic residential or business development sites.

As many of my clients are based in London and the Middle East, I always make sure I’m available whenever they need me, often working hours and days to suit their time zone. I’m creative in how I keep in touch, using more modern forms of communication like WhatsApp or FaceTime to suit my clients.

If you engage my services, I’ll treat your case as if it’s my own transaction, in many cases visiting and inspecting the property, site or business you’re looking to buy. If English is your second language, or legal jargon makes you flustered, I am happy to demystify the paperwork by simplifying the relevant texts and clarifying the processes required.

In my spare time, I enjoy poetry, dancing and Pilates. I’m also really interested in healthy eating and would love to do a course in nutrition one day.

Praise from developer on land purchase

Praise from fellow professionals is as welcome as that from clients - Cindy Bexfield, acting for her client in a high-value purchase of land for residential development in London, received the praise of a developer who worked alongside her during the transaction. Duncan Wilson from Urbane London said: “Thank you for all your help. You’ve been really supportive personally and professionally.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Keep communicating – not just with me, but with each party involved to ensure the transaction keeps moving.

Give me all the detail. The more I know, the better I can assist you.

Don’t try to do it yourself! I’m here to help, so get me involved as early as possible.

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How much will it cost?

At the outset of the deal, I’ll provide you with estimates and keep you updated throughout each stage.

Do I have to pay stamp duty land tax?

If stamp duty is required, we can calculate the amount for you and let you know how much you need to pay.

Why haven’t I received the deeds yet?

It can take the Land Registry a long time to process, so be patient.

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