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Bringing together commerciality and the law, I always try to make sure that I consider all the options available to a client, putting myself in their shoes and understanding exactly what they need. Quick, efficient and commercial solutions are what I aim for – above all, my job is to solve clients’ problems.

I work with a wide range of clients, from global OEMs, distributors and logistics companies through to SMEs and tech start-ups across a broad range of specialist sectors, including waste, energy, automotive, technology and healthcare.

I also advise professional sport clubs, sponsors and individuals on a vast array of issues within sport, in particular motorsport, rugby, cricket and football.

Outside work, I thoroughly enjoy being involved in local Worcestershire events, as well as playing (or trying to!) all types of sport, from badminton and golf to football.

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Professionalism and communication fulfilled project deadline

"Daniel quickly grasped the project brief, which centred around formation of a large, multi-year manufacturing contract. Dan communicated regularly and professionally to ensure the project was delivered on time, in budget."
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Whenever you first receive a contract of any kind, check it, check it and check it again.

Never be afraid of asking others for their opinions, even if you are certain you have the right solution. It’s always worth exploring different people’s ideas and approaches to tasks.

If in doubt, give HCR a shout!

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Does HCR mainly act for large and international corporations?
No, we actually really pride ourselves on our commitment to local business within the area where we can trace back our history to 1904.

Does the commercial team operate in specific sectors?
Yes, our team regularly advise clients in the following sectors: advanced manufacturing, education and health and social care. We also have a specialist intellectual property and technology team.

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