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A client is never just a business transaction or a meeting on my calendar to me. I have a personal approach to working with each, and I feel a great responsibility to them. I want to ensure they get the best possible result.

Working for a variety of clients including directors of companies in a variety of sectors (IT, construction and property development) who are facing disqualification or insolvency proceedings, I aim to give them realistic advice and continuing support throughout.

Clear guidance on winding-up petition led to a positive outcome

When a company was presented with a winding-up petition during the pandemic by a debt collection agency, the company’s director turned to Deanne Hamilton for help. The petition was challenged on multiple grounds, including that the use of the petition was an abuse of process, that the contract was bound by the company’s terms and conditions which prohibited assignment, and that Covid-19 had affected the company. When Deanne’s client decided to pay the debt, despite it being disputed, Deanne guided her through the process and negotiated a settlement with the debt collection agency for a considerably lower amount than was originally sought. The client said: “This is the best news, thank you so much. Deanne, you have been wonderful throughout and especially helping me with my serious upset and frantic feelings, you have gone above and beyond anything expected. I am so grateful for all your kindness throughout this whole process.” The case illustrated how important it is to have terms and conditions and how to present them so they are binding.
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Don’t bury your head in the sand – take advice early to achieve the best possible results.

Provide all information, both good and bad – it enables me to give you better advice.

Have realistic expectations – I will do all I can to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

A fixed fee for a specific amount of time or piece of work, or on a time/cost basis.

How long will it take to resolve?

This varies from client to client - no two cases are the same. It will depend on your aims, prospects, financial positional and expectations.

What are my prospects?

This depends on the information and evidence available to support the case – I will always go the extra mile for you to achieve the best results.

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