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Diane Cook

Chartered Legal Executive, Residential Property Real Estate

About me

I help people to move house efficiently, and with the minimum of stress – whether you’re a first-time buyer or are on property number 10. I also handle cases for small developers and work across everything from sales, purchases and re-mortgages, to freeholds, leaseholds, shared ownership leases and auction pack preparations.

I’m trustworthy, approachable and always available – if it helps, I’ll meet you outside of office hours. My ‘can do’ attitude and friendly manner shows in the amount of repeat business I get from previous clients, who have been highly satisfied with both my work and their experience.

In my spare time, I love being with my family and our pets, as well as cycling, walking and enjoying fine wine and good food!

Top Tips & FAQs

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Take our advice and trust us to do our best.

Never be afraid to ask us questions – it helps us to better understand your needs.

Be patient – there’s usually a reason for a delay.

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How long will it take?

It very much depends on what’s involved in the transaction and how quickly each party in the chain moves.

How much will it cost?

We provide bespoke, individual quotes for clients – once I have a full picture of what’s involved, I can give you an accurate cost.

What would you do?

Again, it depends on what is involved in the transaction, but I’ll always provide you with the best advice I can for your unique situation.

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