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Elizabeth Herbert

Senior Solicitor (TEP) Private Client

About me

It can be daunting to think about what happens after we’re gone but it’s vital to have the right arrangements in place. I enjoy helping people plan for their future and feel confident that their end-of-life arrangements are appropriate for them and their families. I offer private client services including will drafting, lasting powers of attorney, estate administration and advice on the preparation and administration of trusts.

It’s so rewarding helping people at challenging times in their lives, such as after losing a loved one or after a difficult diagnosis. I often get to know families over generations and it’s so satisfying to know that I have helped them put their affairs in order and given them peace of mind.

I pride myself on a friendly approach and am dedicated to finding the best solution for you and your family. My services are suitable for a wide range of private clients, including tech entrepreneurs, farmers, university personnel and everyone in between.

Outside of work, I enjoy hill walking, cycling and spending time in my garden.

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Top Tips & FAQs

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Review your Will regularly, every 5 years or after a significant life event

Consider putting in place Lasting Powers of Attorney. These are becoming increasingly important and the consequences of not having one, and needing one, can be grave.

Don’t try and make a homemade Will. It is a false economy!

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Surely I don’t need a Lasting Power of Attorney yet? I’m too young. They’re only for the elderly.

Cheerful as I’m afraid it may sound, you are not too young to have an accident which could result in a loss of ability to make your own decisions. I would always advise clients to consider LPAs whatever their age or stage in life as the consequences of not having one, and needing one, can be serious both emotionally and financially.

I’ve got a great idea; I’ll give my house to my children now and thereby avoid paying inheritance tax on it on my death.

This type of arrangement is fraught with pitfalls. Not only are you depriving yourself of what is likely to be your most valuable asset, but there may be significant IHT consequences to the gift. If you are considering such a step please get in touch to discuss alternative ways of mitigating the IHT on your estate.

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