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Bankruptcy and the winding-up process can be stressful for those involved and my clear advice on the best way forward, with cost-effective and realistic solutions, is designed to help them through that stage. I have worked in restructuring and insolvency law for almost 30 years and have clients which I have worked with throughout my career.

I work for creditors – both individuals and corporate creditors – as well as for debtors and office holders such as trustees in bankruptcy, liquidators and administrators. In each case, I focus on finding the best solution; for creditors, that will mean getting the money as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. For debtors, I will try to reach the best settlement so that they can move on.

Outside work, I love gardening and the theatre.

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Act quickly, if appropriate

Be realistic on time scales, we are often at the mercy of the courts.

Adopt a pragmatic and commercial view.

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How much will the procedure cost?

Much of what I do can be carried out under a fixed fee arrangement, with a clear knowledge and understanding of what the costs for various procedures are likely to be.

How long is the process likely to take?

The answer to this question obviously varies from case to case, but because of my experience and knowledge of court systems and turnaround, I can always give an accurate estimate to clients about their own situation.

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