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I find helping my clients who are going through a difficult time extremely rewarding. I enjoy the highly technical and challenging aspects of this area of law and also that it allows me to work with people.

Getting to know my clients is how I tailor my advice to suit them, this could be arranging a home visit to make my clients most comfortable or adapting my approach for what my clients need. I support individuals and families with all areas of private client law, including wills, probate, powers of attorney, trusts and Court of Protection.

I am passionate about providing an excellent service to clients, outside of this I enjoy spending time with my family, including running after a toddler and a dog! I also enjoy participating in my local park run regularly.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Don’t be afraid to speak to a solicitor if you have a niggling question. A lot of clients say they have put off seeking help for fear of asking a silly question or not wanting to address a potential issue. A lot of the time the things clients are worried about can be easily resolved and it is much better to do so now than to delay and potentially cause more problems later.

Don’t try to write your own will! What sometimes seems straightforward and cost-saving can often lead to much greater issues and cost later on

Make Lasting Powers of Attorney. Sadly, I frequently receive calls from clients saying that a family member has lost capacity and that they need to be able to access their finances to pay for care. Without a power of attorney no-one has automatic authority to manage your affairs. I hope you never need to use one but powers of attorney can provide enormous reassurance to family should the worst happen

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Should I give away my home to avoid paying for care?
Short answer, no. If the local authority believe you have done so to deliberately deprive yourself of an asset to avoid paying for care, then it won’t work and it may also mean that you have insufficient funds to pay for the quality of care that you would like to receive. As much as you may want to provide for family members you need to look after your own needs first and sadly things can go wrong through life events such as bankruptcy or divorce that can then lead to unintended consequences.

Is it true that a local authority can only look back seven years when assessing whether I have made a gift to avoid paying for care fees?
No. There is no time limit and the seven year period that people are familiar with relates to the effect of gifts on a person’s inheritance tax position.

Does my appointment of executors in my will also cover me if I lose capacity in my lifetime?
No. Your appointment of executors relates solely to who manages your estate on your death. If you want to name people to manage your affairs in your lifetime, then you need to also make Lasting Powers of Attorney. You can, however, name the same people as executors and attorneys if you wish.

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