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Fiona Lawson-Hughes

Partner, Children Panel Solicitor Child and Parent Law

About me

My years of experience dealing with cases involving children have illustrated how important it is to be both pragmatic and approachable; arrangements for the care of children, whether between parents, with foster carers, guardians or potential adopters are often delicate and emotionally charged.

I act for guardians for the children themselves, for parents or for the wider family. As well as issues arising from family breakdowns, I have also dealt with complex cases involving non-accidental injuries, factitious or induced illness, abduction, parental alienation, consent for medical treatment and serious domestic violence.

My focus is on trying to achieve a fair result, and will do that either in court or by negotiation.

Outside work, I enjoy live music, theatre, and spending time with family and friends.

Top Tips & FAQs

My top tips

Trust my advice; I have a wealth of experience and know how best to present your case.

Be prepared to hear advice you may not always want to hear, but know it’s in your interests to hear it.

Think what is best for your children. Be realistic, reasonable and prioritise your children’s feelings and needs above your own.

Frequently asked questions

Will I win my case?
This depends on the evidence. When it comes to arrangements for children, the only winners should be your children. Their welfare, not yours, is the court’s main concern.

I am hurt and angry and don’t want to ‘play ball’; why should I compromise?
Arrangements for your children are not a game. Seeing their parents in dispute is damaging to children. You’re more likely to get the outcome you want if you are open, honest and cooperative, even if this means showing your vulnerabilities.

Will you do and say what I want?
Not always; my job is to advise you about how the court is likely to decide your case, and ensure I present the best possible case for you on the evidence available.

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