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Working in banking and finance provides opportunities to work with a variety of lenders and borrowers across a broad range of sectors. Everyone involved is working towards a common goal – namely agreeing terms that will allow you to secure funding and grow your business. I like to work closely with my clients to understand what their commercial objectives are and how any particular instruction fits into the ‘bigger picture’ of what they’re trying to achieve in the long-term.

I’ve worked with a range of banks, private equity funds and corporate borrowers on a wide range of finance transactions including acquisition finance, real estate finance and project finance.

Outside work, I enjoy arts and crafts, journaling and travelling.

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Start having conversations with your legal advisors as early as possible and be clear on what your commercial objectives are – this will help us to frame the structure of a transaction appropriately.

The timeframe of a banking and finance transaction can often vary depending on a number of factors – it’s therefore important to plan early, be realistic and be open to adjusting your expectations where necessary.

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