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Helping families prepare for their future and supporting people when they are often at their most vulnerable is why I enjoy working as a Private Client lawyer. My priority is helping clients as best as I can, taking the stress and pressure away.

Building close relationships is key; I want clients to feel and know they can put their trust in me during a difficult and distressing period. I provide a professional yet empathetic service, removing the legal jargon so clients feel confident and reassured by my support. Having helped clients with their wills for 10 years, and with over six years’ experience advising for a wide range of people with estate planning and administration, lasting power of attorney, personal injury trust deeds and more, clients can rely on my personable and knowledgeable approach.

Outside work, I love getting creative with arts and crafts – from making toys, cushions, and cards to crocheting. I also enjoy exploring new places and delving into its history.

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Think about making a will before it becomes urgent and often more difficult and emotional for you to deal with.

Prepare for your future, prepare a lasting power of attorney as this will save your family the hardship of applying to the Court of Protection if you lose capacity in future. If you don't have close family members, you can still prepare by appointing a professional as your attorney.

If you feel like your family may struggle to deal with your affairs when you've passed away, there are alternatives and you don't have to appoint them to look after everything. Appointing a professional executor can relieve the stress and allow your family to grieve whilst everything is taken care of.

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What happens if me and my wife/husband die together?
If it cannot be ascertained who died first, the eldest will be presumed to have predeceased the younger. The younger persons will takes effect.

Why do I need a will if I'm married? Won't my estate just go to my spouse?
It depends on your family situation as to whether it will all go to your spouse. If you have children, your spouse will receive the first £270,000 and your personal belongings, the remainder of your estate will be divided 50% to your spouse and 50% equally between your children. You can leave all your assets to your wife/husband in your will if you prefer.

Why can't my son/daughter be in the interview room with me?
It is important that I see you alone to take instructions to rule out any undue influence and to make sure that your instructions are your own. This will protect you in future, for example, if your will was brought into question after your passing, our notes will clearly say that we saw you alone and that there was no duress thereby protecting the terms of your will and your beneficiaries.

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