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I work with a range of businesses and individuals to ensure their disputes are resolved in the most time and cost-effective way. The litigation process can often be very draining and time consuming, so I provide no-nonsense, practical advice to help my clients fully understand their objectives along with likely costs.

Clients want to ensure that they are absolutely clear on the merits of their case before taking it forward, so I take time to clearly explain the value of their cases before proceeding.

Shareholder disputes, breaches of contract and small claims matters are all areas in which I specialise.

Outside of work, I love yoga, spending time with friends and family and travelling.

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Make sure to keep a timeline of key events and hold on to any relevant documents; this will greatly assist your case if you are involved in a commercial dispute.

My frequently asked questions

Will I definitely have to go to court to resolve my case?

The short answer is no – not definitely! That majority of our commercial disputes are resolved via settlement without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. We will always advise you on the pros and cons of alternative dispute resolution if appropriate to your case.

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