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Greg Hill, Solicitor, Agriculture and Estates

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 01604 463130
Mobile: 07584 015 598

A bit about me

Working with farmers often feels like home from home, as my family run an arable farm in Leicestershire. I enjoy practicing in this area of law and supporting an industry I am already a part of. It is because of my farming background that I can relate to the issues facing clients and offer a deeper level of understanding and advice.

I am interested in the diversification required in farming to ensure profitability and sustainability in what is a challenging sector. Achieving the client’s objectives is my priority, so I listen carefully to your needs and take a pragmatic approach to reach the end goal. I have supported many farmers and landowners, offering advice for agricultural affairs, rural property matters and more.

Outside work, I love getting outdoors by running, hiking, and playing football.

Want to know more?

Seek legal advice early; doing so will often save costs and protect ongoing relationships.

Provide your lawyer with all the facts so they are aware of the wider background.

Record your agreements in writing and keep a record of them.

How long does the Land Registry take to complete a first registration?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused severe delays for first registrations, taking as long as 14 months to complete an application. In some circumstances, we can send a request to the Land Registry to expedite the registration.

How can I communicate with you?

In whatever way is best for you, whether that is face-to-face, phone, email, text or video call.

What are your fees?

We provide our clients with an estimate at the outset and this is reviewed throughout. We also allocate work across the team to ensure that matters are being dealt with at the appropriate level.

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