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Finance is the lifeblood of business and I enjoy the challenge of finding the right solution for each client, whatever stage of their business lifecycle they have reached. From an injection of capital, through a review of security to protecting a lender or restructuring a company in tough times, I always focus on helping clients to achieve their goals; I enjoy the variety of work and range of personalities I encounter along the way.

I have worked with major high street banks, corporate lenders and borrowers and high net worth individuals, advising on all aspects of banking law, including Islamic finance. Getting to know what a client wants and needs is crucial so that I can offer creative solutions and anticipate any issues which may arise.

Outside work, apart from my young family, I love netball, playing in local and regional leagues.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to me to discuss a query or any concerns - there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Background information is more valuable to me than you think. It can assist me in thinking outside the box when it comes to advice, structuring or negotiating a deal.

Get me involved early on. It is much easier (and cost efficient) to do something right the first time rather than correct something that may have been missed or done badly.

Read questions I'm frequently asked

Q: I have loaned money but did not document it or secure it. Can I now take security?

A: I would always recommend taking advice before loaning any money, regardless who the borrower is, as putting in place any security after lending the money will have its challenges and risks. The longer the delay, the easier it will be to challenge the validity of any security. Each deal has its own bespoke circumstances and there are several factors that need to be considered so a blanket answer is not appropriate. I would therefore review the position and provide bespoke advice as to the best options for securing the outstanding loan, including documenting the loan in a confirmatory agreement and any necessary consents that may be required.

Q: How quickly can we complete?

A: This is very deal specific and I appreciate all parties normally want a speedy completion. I give a time estimate at the beginning of every transaction or, if one is already agreed, I will discuss and/or confirm if this is achievable and consider any obstacles that may be apparent.

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