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I chose to specialise in private client work as I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families and it’s important to help everyone understand the law. I’m part of a great team with many years of experience and recognised nationwide.

We offer bespoke advice depending on client circumstances and regular updates from start to finish of a file. I’m easily contactable for my clients via phone, e-mail, and messenger services.

As an experienced lawyer, I’m straight talking when it comes to explaining options and risks. I explain the law and legal concepts in terms everyone can understand, so my clients can make fully informed decisions. Clients range from individuals to families, trustees, executors, and attorneys, and many come to me via referrals from other clients, professionals or colleagues.

I offer specialist advice on a wide range of areas, including administration of estates, deeds of variation/disclaimer, preparation of wills and codicils, preparation and registration of lasting powers of attorney, and inheritance tax and succession planning.

I am a member of STEP (the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

I enjoy making a positive difference to clients’ personal lives by helping them deal with things that really matter to them. Outside of work, I like spending time with family and friends, enjoying music, movies, and games.

“Simply outstanding” - quick turnaround leads to heartfelt testimonial

When a client required help for his incapacitated sister when she was making her will, he turned to Private Client Associate Hauke Harrack. Hauke was contacted to help arrange the will and meet with his client’s sister, who was unable to speak and was supported by a ventilator. The paperwork was turned around overnight, with Hauke visiting the hospital to complete the signing and witnessing of the will. The client said: “My family recently faced very challenging circumstances and the support provided to us by Hauke has been simply outstanding. The support he provided for my sister has been exceptional – the whole exercise was completed within seven days of my initial call and on him leaving, my sister penned “what a lovely man” on her notepad. “She asked me to pass on her thanks for the efforts of the whole team at HCR. I would like to add my own thanks that my sister has one less thing to worry about.”
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Estate administration attracts praise

Hauke Harrack’s handling of an estate worth more than £1m has attracted praise from his clients. The clients needed assistance with the administration of their friend’s estate; the deceased did not leave a spouse or children and left all of their estate to charity (after some individual cash legacies). The clients gave the following feedback: “Dealing with Hauke Harrack in relation to my late friend’s probate had been a pleasure throughout. Communication has been prompt and courteous at all times.”
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Prepare for all eventualities and stay in control by making a will and lasting powers of attorney. We all like to know what happens when we are unable to make decisions ourselves or after we die. Putting these documents in place early will provide you with peace of mind. Just make sure you review them every few years to ensure they accurately reflect your wishes.

Do not DIY your legal affairs. Seek professional advice. Sadly, with more and more legal documents being made available online and legal issues being discussed in online forums, it is easy to forget that the ‘one fits all’ approach is very dangerous when it comes to legal documents. Bespoke legal advice from a suitably qualified solicitor can make a real difference and may even get you to think about some matters you may not have thought about otherwise.

We are here to help you, so do make sure you tell us everything so that we have a complete picture and can tailor our advice accordingly. You may think a particular point is not important, but if we do not know about it, we cannot check whether it is relevant. This can lead to problems further down the line.

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Do I need a grant of probate?

It depends. Often, with very small estates or estates where all assets are held jointly with someone else, you may not need a grant. You may only know whether a grant is needed once you have contacted all third parties to check their requirements.

Do I need lasting powers of attorney (LPAs)?

Yes. It allows you to choose someone you trust to act on your behalf if you are unable to make decisions yourself. Without an LPA in place, the courts would have to decide on who can make decisions on your behalf (i.e. a deputy), who may or may not be someone you know.

Do I need a will?

Yes. It allows you to choose who administers your estate and who inherits. The intestacy rules apply if there is no will, which may result in your estate being distributed in a way contrary to what you intended. A will also helps your family or friends as they will know exactly how you wanted your estate to be passed on.

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