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My job is all about people, and that is what I love. I also love the variety in employment law – one minute you can be advising on the employment aspects of a merger or acquisition and the next, negotiating a settlement or drafting a witness statement.

I’m seldom shocked by what employees get up to and I enjoy the challenge of applying complex legal principles to everyday situations in a common sense, easily accessible way.

Communication and common sense are invaluable – I listen carefully to my clients to be sure I know what they want, rather than assuming that I know what the best outcome is for them. I look for opportunities to add value, by anticipating a client’s next step or considering how they can streamline their process or prepare for what’s on the horizon.

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Follow your policies!

Keep clear records of meetings and document any changes to terms and conditions – memories fade, so documenting as you go will make life easier in the event of any issue arising.

If in doubt, it’s always worth asking – there’s no such thing as a silly question!

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Is your job really like Suits/The Good Wife?

Can’t I just sack them?
Well yes, you could, but whether you actually want to do that very much depends on your appetite for risk – you really might not like what happens if you do!

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