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Working over a number of years for a wide variety of clients, from family shareholders and small owner-managed businesses to venture capitalists and large corporations, I have built up a great deal of experience, so I’m likely to have encountered most problems that my clients face at least once before.

The range of challenges those clients face is diverse, and I love that, especially when I can use my experience and expertise to help them best achieve their goals. My aim in doing so is to assist my client to understand and manage their risks, whether they’re buying, selling, investing or just regulating their business relationships.

Outside work, I watch cricket and football; when it comes to actually taking part, I enjoy running.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Be open with your adviser – don’t assume there are certain things that they don’t want or need to know.

Remember that it will take a certain amount of time to get things right for you – unfortunately not everything can happen immediately or overnight.

Try to focus on the bigger picture and your overall goals rather than on every single point in isolation.

Read questions I’m frequently asked

How long will this transaction take to complete?

This will depend upon the individual circumstances as well as the approach of all parties involved. Even with the smoothest of matters there are still likely to be some issues that need to be considered in detail to best protect those involved.

I always aim to progress things as quickly as I can though and try to work with you to meet your goals and deadlines whilst keeping you updated on progress as we go.

Are there any risks involved in what I am doing?

There are risks involved in anything – the key is to understand and manage them as effectively as possible whilst seeking to mitigate or apportion them in an appropriate manner through well drafted documentation.

What is the right thing for me to do?

Whilst I cannot answer this definitively for you, as it will depend on your personal position and circumstances, I will always aim to provide you with the advice and information you need, especially in relation to the risks involved, to allow you to make the best decision you can on a fully informed basis.

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