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It’s important to really get to know my clients as individuals on a personal level, so that I can provide tailored advice on estate and tax planning, drafting wills and powers of attorney along with setting up trusts to suit people’s needs. It makes it easier to help clients plan for the future and provide support if they’re going through difficult times.

Being friendly and approachable with clients whilst providing sound legal advice is very important – and I never shy away from work that is difficult or out of the ordinary! In the last year, I’ve worked with a wide variety of individuals, ranging from clients with small estates to larger landowners and overseas investors.

Outside work my interests include cooking, reading and that all-important keeping fit!

Top Tips & FAQs

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Make sure you review your will regularly. I’d suggest every three to five years as circumstances can change very quickly.

Ensure you let your executors know where your will is stored.

Be open and honest about your situation. I’ll need to know all the facts so that I can advise you properly.

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Aren’t Lasting Powers of Attorney just for the elderly?

LPAs can come in useful at any age – but you need to have mental capacity and be over 18 to make one. They’re not just for a loss of capacity. They can assist with many situations, from a long trip overseas to an unforeseen hospital stay.

If I’m married, do I still need a will?

Absolutely. Regardless of your marital status, if you die without a will the rules of intestacy will apply. In such cases your spouse may not receive the assets you intended.

Can I set up a trust in my will?

Including trusts in your will can provide better asset protection for your loved ones. These can help with situations such as leaving your estate to a vulnerable person or having children from a previous relationship.

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