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I enjoy working closely with businesses and business owners to understand their specific needs. Working in corporate means working with a wide range of clients, from start-up businesses to large corporations. I provide commercial and pragmatic advice to my clients, and like to get to know them personally in order to understand their goals and tailor my advice accordingly.

I’ve worked with a range of start-ups, family-owned businesses, and insurance and regulatory businesses. My specialisms include mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance such as shareholders’ agreements and articles of association, reorganisations and options.

Outside work, my passions include travel and dog walking.

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Speak to your advisers as early as possible. It is important to ensure you have received appropriate tax, financial and legal advice to ensure the transaction is structured and proceeds in a way that meets your needs.

Organisation is key. When preparing for sale it is good think of the detailed due diligence process a buyer is likely to undertake; so if you can readily locate documents and information about your business to feed into this process it will make it run more efficiently.

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How much will it cost?
We are transparent on costs from the outset and will provide an estimate tailored to your specific scope of work. If this needs to be revisited we will discuss this with you at the earliest opportunity.

How long will it take?
We will try to give a reasonable time scale at the outset of a transaction, and work with you to ensure that realistic timeframes are met. Sometimes outside factors can impact on the timing of a transaction. For example, the responsiveness and reasonableness of solicitors on the other side.

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