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Working with charities is an incredibly rewarding experience. Applying my legal expertise to local and national causes and communities provides a meaningful sense of accomplishment. I take time to carry out my tasks for my clients with the utmost care, skill and diligence so they know that their matter will be addressed and resolved efficiently and effectively.

By being part of a full-service law firm I am able to work alongside my colleagues in other teams on the full range of charitable clients including Charitable Companies, Charitable Incorporated Organisations, Community Interest Companies, Trusts and Foundations, Registered Societies, philanthropists and Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

Away from work I am passionate about wildlife and nature. I also partake in golf competitions.

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Best practice and good governance should be central to any charity. The Charity Governance Code provides key principles for good charity governance.

If in doubt, refer to the Charity’s governing documents for guidance on what can and cannot be done.

Always act in the best interest of the charity and the beneficiaries. This will include having a detailed understanding of the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the charity and its trustees.

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How can trustees ensure good governance?
To ensure good governance trustees should make use of materials such as the Charity Governance Code, they should learn from other charities (both their positive and negative actions), connect with other charities and trustees, review and understand their governing documents and most of all seek advice when uncertain.

What tax reliefs are available to charities?
Tax advice should always be sought prior to setting up a charity.

What is the benefit of setting up Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs)?
Previous forms of charities were governed by, and registered, with both Companies House and the Charity Commission. Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) on the other hand are governed and registered solely with the Charity Commission. This reduces the administrative responsibilities of the trustees.

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