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Julie Acock, Legal Director

Real Estate

Mobile: 07384 816 993

A bit about me

Property has always been a passion of mine. Working as a real estate solicitor requires both a commercial perspective and an understanding of your needs as a landlord, tenant or developer.

I provide advice for a variety of people looking to buy, develop or let a property, as well as advising on secured lending.

Outside of work, my family is my driving force in everything I do.

Want to know more?

Plan ahead – having a clear idea of your goals will help us to work towards what you want efficiently.

Get a good team of commercially-minded professionals around you.

Don’t be afraid to adapt!

How long will it take?

This depends so much on outside forces. Even if we move quickly, there are external pressures which may make your timescales unachievable.

How do I know what the best terms are for me?

This is where your legal advisers come in – they’ll be able to give you the best advice from which you can take decisions.

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