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I enjoy the diversity of employment law, both in terms of the variety of people I work with and in terms of the range of situations they present to me. They are often in stressful situations, facing problems which seem complex and potentially expensive – I am glad to be able to help.

I work with all kinds of companies, from start-ups to major global operations, and all kinds of employees, but in every case I focus on what the client needs and what would be most helpful for them, both relating to the immediate issue and more widely.

Outside work as well as professionally, I love learning something new, and I enjoy musical theatre, both participating and watching.

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Don’t panic and sit on something; the quicker you seek advice, the longer we hopefully have to help before we have to meet a deadline.

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Questions I face range from dealing with an employee who is off long-term sick to the calculation of continuous service over different contracts, and in each case, the answer will be slightly different because circumstances vary so much.

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