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Building close relationships that you wouldn’t necessarily have in a more commercial area, and the variation of personal circumstances and needs, is what makes working in private client law so fulfilling.

Ensuring clients are heard, understood and feel comfortable is my priority. Managing expectations and offering comprehensive advice at the outset is key so that clients are aware of the process, timescales and potential issues which may arise. My specialisms include Will drafting, setting up trusts, preparing lasting powers of attorney (LPAs), and administering estates.

Outside work, I love to bake. I also aspire to be fluent in a second language, but this is very much a work in progress!

Private client expertise leads to testimonial from client

When Mr Glynn required advice and assistance regarding his late father’s estate, he turned to Private Client Solicitor Keri Rowan. Keri explained the process to her client and prepared the probate forms along with explaining the position regarding potential inheritance tax and what would happen to the client’s father’s house. She also highlighted the next steps which needed to be taken. Keri’s clarity and understanding in a difficult time led Mr Glynn to provide this testimonial: “I have never had the pleasure of working with a solicitor so responsive, clear, practical and on top of everything. Thank you for that.”
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Tell your solicitor as much information as you can at the outset so that detailed and accurate advice can be given initially. This can avoid problems or confusion down the line.

It is a misconception that LPAs are for elderly people only. Everyone should have an LPA in place to ensure that someone can step in to help (even temporarily) if the worst happens – I have worked with many families who have experienced a lot of stress and upset because there was no valid LPA

Don’t delay in preparing a will. There is often a lot more for clients to think about than they anticipate. By leaving it to the last minute, you may feel rushed to make a decision on who your executors/ guardians should be and/or who should benefit from your estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my property to my children to avoid paying care fees?

This is a complex topic to consider. There are many implications and potential risks in doing this and it is important that bespoke advice pertaining to the client’s individual circumstances is obtained beforehand.

How should I distribute my estate to avoid inheritance tax?

This depends on the client’s individual circumstances but I can advise them on the current inheritance tax rules, the rules surrounding charity gifts and lifetime gifting, and how best to distribute their estate via their will to maximise these allowances/exemptions.

Do I need a lasting power of attorney now or can I leave this until later in life?

My advice is always to prepare and register LPAs sooner rather than later. Clients often think of LPAs as being beneficial only for losing capacity due to dementia or Alzheimer’s in older age, so it is important to make them aware of situations that may arise outside of this that would make the LPAs useful.

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