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The variety and the level of details involved in commercial law are two of the reasons I really enjoy it – I deal with forward-thinking and innovative people and I relish the chance to go beyond the task at hand to cover points which really add value for them.

I’m genuinely interested in each business, and I want to make sure that they get the outcome they want and feel that I’m a part of their team – they can call on me whenever they need me. I work for every size of company, from SMEs to plcs, including local firms early in their development to major global brands.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Be proactive – if there’s an issue, then look to resolve it.

Don’t be scared of change – view it as an opportunity to improve how you do business and make your business more successful.

Protect yourself from unnecessary risk – take advice on the best way to go about things, changes proposed by your suppliers and partners, and how to protect your products and ideas.

How much will this cost me?

Are our terms fit for purpose?
I would need to review them, but I can advise on where the risks are and how to make changes to protect yourself.

Our supplier has sent through these terms – what do you think?
I would, again, want to review them, but I can advise on where to push back and on the tactics of agreeing sensible compromise positions.

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