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The variety and the level of details involved in commercial law are two of the reasons I really enjoy it – I deal with forward-thinking and innovative people and I relish the chance to go beyond the task at hand to cover points which really add value for them.

I’m genuinely interested in each business, and I want to make sure that they get the outcome they want and feel that I’m a part of their team – they can call on me whenever they need me. I work for every size of company, from SMEs to plcs, including local firms early in their development to major global brands.

Want to know more?

Be proactive – if there’s an issue, then look to resolve it.

Don’t be scared of change – view it as an opportunity to improve how you do business and make your business more successful.

Protect yourself from unnecessary risk – take advice on the best way to go about things, changes proposed by your suppliers and partners, and how to protect your products and ideas.

Are our terms fit for purpose?Our supplier has sent through these terms – what do you think?
I would, again, want to review them, but I can advise on where to push back and on the tactics of agreeing sensible compromise positions.

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Public Accounts Committee report reveals unfit UK product safety regime

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) published its “Protecting consumers from unsafe product” report, which lays…

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Two new partners lead promotions round at HCR

Two new partners lead the latest promotions round at Harrison Clark Rickerbys (HCR) – real…

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Care homes and self-funded residents: Is charging an administration fee fair?

Care home fees, particularly for self-funded (private) residents, have been a controversial matter for a…

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When purchasing puppies goes pear-shaped

It will not be news to any of us that the number of dogs and…

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Product liability and Brexit

Product liability and product safety law in the UK is largely derived from EU law…

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Cancellations due to government guidance – a grey area for contractual frustration

Covid-19 has ushered in a raft of unique legal complications which divide opinion among lawyers…

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Businesses failing to respect consumer refund rights remain in the crosshairs

Businesses are fighting on multiple fronts, and many of them for their survival. With another…

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The impact of Brexit on consumer protection law

On Christmas Eve of 2020, the UK and the EU finally reached a deal on…

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What the law says about refunds for holidays and events cancelled because of Covid-19

As Covid-19 took hold in the UK earlier this year, most scheduled events were cancelled…

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How can businesses manage delays to delivery because of Covid-19?

In the current climate, operating your business in a normal fashion may feel like a…

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Why returns policies are changing because of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused businesses to reflect on their returns policies and how they…

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Refunds during Covid-19: top tips for consumers and compliance advice for businesses

The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) has recognised that there are a wide range of…

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Who pays for unwanted presents to be returned and what rights do consumers and traders have?

Unwanted Christmas gifts The Royal Mail estimated that last year in the UK in the…

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Cyber security and data protection – an inevitable convergence?

New cyber security threats The way businesses operate is constantly evolving and there has been…

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The duty of good faith – should we be going with the flow or swimming against the tide?

Good faith is a concept that you may have seen in commercial contracts, but what…

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Is the CMA about to get some new teeth?

The government recently published proposals from the CMA for reforms to competition law and consumer…

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Must the show go on? Cancellation rights in contracts for events and venues

Does your business operate events for consumers or hires out venue space to them? If…

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Promoting home-grown talent at Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Six trainees are celebrating qualifying as assistant solicitors at Harrison Clark Rickerbys – three in…

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