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I am often instructed in the immediate aftermath of an incident involving serious injury or death, to support insurers and their policyholders in the processes which follow. My specialisms include inquest preparation and representation, the defence of HSE, CQC, or police enforcement action, and handling personal injury claims.

No two days are the same – the type of work I do means that one day I might be visiting a large manufacturing or construction site and the next an outdoor activity centre.

I’ve supported many hundreds of individuals, SMEs and large corporates. I pride myself on offering a bespoke approach to each matter to suit each client and the individual circumstances of each case. Integral to this is spending time from the outset getting to know my clients’ businesses and understanding their priorities so I can implement strategies to help them achieve their goals.

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The legal processes which follow an incident (criminal, civil, coronial) can be long and stressful. Ensuring a goal driven and holistic approach from the very outset is critical to achieving the best outcome in all forums.

Take legal advice before making changes to policies and procedures in the wake of an incident to avoid adverse inferences being made.

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My business has a good relationship with the HSE/CQC/Local Authority, will they still consider enforcement action?
Having a good relationship with the regulator is incredibly important but it will not protect a business from enforcement action. The HSE and other regulators follow a strict enforcement code and if the criteria for enforcement action is met, it is highly likely to be taken. Inevitably the dynamic of the relationship between businesses and the enforcing authorities has to change if there is an investigation.

How long will this process take?
It is difficult to estimate how long the processes will take, as every case is different. However, we will be there to guide and support you along the way. While we can’t take the stress away completely, we can give clear and concise advice about what is happening and why throughout.

Do you act for me or for my insurance company?
Often the answer is ‘both’. I am usually instructed on a dual retainer to protect the interest of insurers and their policyholders.

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