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I work with people of all ages, from young couples or business owners to the elderly, all of whom want to plan ahead and make sure that their wishes are met. I make the will-making process as simple as possible, so that the focus is on their wishes rather than on the process.

I enjoy creating a real relationship with my clients, and I am always happy to tailor my service to their specific needs; if they need me to come to their home, that is fine, and I also have clients in other countries so I am used to keeping in touch remotely too.

Outside work, I love cycling, riding and country pursuits.

Will redrafting leads to testimonial for Private Client Solicitor

When a woman needed to update her will following her husband’s death, she turned to Lucy Willmett-Price, Solicitor in the Private Client team, for help. Lucy assisted her client with re-drafting her will to reflect her current wishes. Following the updated will her client wrote this testimonial for Lucy: “Thank you so much your advice and the work you carried out of my behalf. The meetings we had were professional and informative, but also very friendly.” Lucy is now dealing with the estate of Mrs Hawkins’ husband.
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Make sure you have put the correct documents in place to ensure your family’s future and needs are protected. If you have any special arrangements or circumstances, provisions can be made to accommodate these.

Remember to review your will as your circumstances change. Sometimes it is not possible to make one will in your lifetime as people’s lives change - for example, a new addition to the family is a good time to review your will.

Don’t be afraid to engage in the process too early; it is never too soon to make a will.

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Is there going to be a will reading?

No; will readings are very rarely conducted.

Am I too young to make a will?

If you have assets or a family, you should put a will in place.

I don’t have anyone to appoint as my executors, can my children be executors and beneficiaries?

Yes, your children can be executors and beneficiaries.

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