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I help my clients to plan for the day when they’re no longer here, making sure that they have wills in place and that their wishes are carried out as agreed. I have years of experience in helping clients from all walks of life, including landowners, business owners, farmers and individuals with private wealth, and I’m quick at spotting what a client might need in each situation.

I meet clients around their busy schedules, working to ensure that they fully understand the options available to them, while also offering guidance when it comes to making difficult decisions. My own family have given me a great insight into what many of my clients are hoping to achieve when it comes to their wills and estates, and I’m passionate about helping others to do everything they can to look after their family’s future needs.

I am a full member of STEP.

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Do your homework before any meetings and make sure you’ve got all your personal information you need to hand.

Think through what you want to achieve – although you can change your will later on, it’s better to have everything in place from the start.

Speak to people who you may need support from before you start to plan, including potential guardians, executors, trustees or attorneys.

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Why do I need to make a will? Won’t everything just go to my spouse?

A will allows you to take control and decide positively how you want your estate to pass on your death. It allows you to choose who you want to inherit certain items or assets, how any tax liability should be dealt with or managed, and who you want to handle the whole process, as well as who should be entrusted with the care of any young children.

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