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Insurance, Risk and Regulatory law is a challenging, ever-changing field – no two cases feel the same. Clients need advice that is properly considered, to the point and delivered promptly during what is often a difficult time, which is where I step in. I get stuck into the unique technicalities of each case, with clients often commenting on my professionalism and approachable nature.

I have a wealth of experience assisting insurers, brokers and policyholders manage insurance and risk related issues across a variety of industry sectors including sports, adventure activities, transport, manufacture, construction, hospitality, and retail. This includes collaborating with clients on risk mitigation strategies, advising on and drafting policy wordings, claims resolution, as well as managing regulatory investigations and prosecution.

Outside work I love to cook and when I’m not spending time with family and friends, you’ll find me at the gym or at my local running club.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Keep a record – in any litigation, evidence is key. information must be gathered and retained from the moment a significant incident occurs which you believe is likely to turn into a claim.

Don’t be afraid to ask – litigation can be stressful, and clients shouldn’t feel alone. I pride myself on always making myself available to deal with clients concerns, no matter how small they may seem.

Tell it how it is and let me do my bit! It’s always better in the long run and will often lead to a better outcome than you thought possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the matter go to court?
Even when proceedings are issued, this does not mean the case will proceed to trial. The majority of cases settle outside court and before the final hearing. If it does, I will ensure you are well prepared.

How long will the case last?
Always a difficult question, because it can vary so much. There are so many factors that can come in to play which influence duration. Having said that, it’s important to focus on key objectives from the outset, and to achieving an early resolution with the best possible outcome. No one wants to become embroiled in an endless dispute which becomes unnecessarily costly. Practical case management is essential from the get-go!

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