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Real estate shapes our communities and defines our living and working spaces, and real estate law offers a captivating blend of legal expertise and practical application. It encompasses a wide range of transactions – and the dynamic nature of it continually challenges me to think strategically, creatively and adaptively to address the unique needs and concerns of my clients.

I build strong relationships with my clients, as real estate transactions often involve significant financial investment and emotional attachments. I guide my clients through these transactions with care, empathy and attention to detail. My specialisms include commercial and real estate acquisitions and disposals, landlord and tenant matters, real estate development and property insolvency.

My clients include property investment businesses, investors looking to expand their portfolio or dispose of stock, further education colleges, developers, lenders, LPA Receivers and Insolvency Practitioners.

Outside work, my passions include spending time with my family and friends and coaching an under-13 Gaelic football team.

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Conduct thorough due diligence

Seek professional advice

Consider long-term goals.

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What are the biggest risks associated with this transaction?
I’ll tell you just as soon as I’ve looked at the contract, reviewed the title and considered the searches.

How much will this cost?
Every case is different, but we will always provide clear estimates at the outset and keep you updated of any changes along the way.

What are the key terms in this commercial lease?
This will depend on your business priorities, but typically the areas requiring particular focus are rent obligations, lease duration, break clauses, repairing responsibilities and rent reviews. It is often beneficial to discuss lease requirements with me at the heads of terms stage so those business priorities can be accurately reflected in the terms agreed between the parties and reflected in the lease.

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