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Litigation is about problem solving, and I never back down from a challenge. As head of litigation at the Wye Valley office, I strive to provide the same service I’d expect from my own lawyers. I’m available to assist whenever you need me, and I’m committed to helping you find a solution to your problems, either by negotiation or court determination.

Working and living in the countryside means that I have particular expertise in rural affairs, and I specialise in fishery and water law. I work with a number of angling clubs across the country, private estates with fisheries and farmers, helping them to solve disputes and professional negligence claims. However, I also handle cases in a number of wider areas, including commercial and property.

Outside of work, I try and spend as much time with my family as I can – unless Wolverhampton Wanderers are playing!

Top Tips & FAQs

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Speak to us as soon as you can. Identifying an appropriate strategy early on can save time and money.

Keep records! Disputes can arise months or years after a particular event and memories can fade. Documentary evidence supporting a claim is often crucial.

Always consider the option of settlement. We are specialists in litigation, but will work with you on a strategy to suit your specific objectives and a negotiated settlement will often be the best outcome.

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Can I afford to litigate?

Litigation costs can be proactively managed and budgeted for, and the courts now actively control costs in many cases. However, not taking legal advice early can often result in costs escalating. Consulting your lawyers as soon as possible will increase your prospects of an early resolution.

Will I need to give evidence in court if we issue proceedings?

The vast majority of cases settle before they reach trial. While there is a possibility that oral evidence will be needed, this won’t be required in most cases.

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