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I like the practicality and commerciality of real estate work and the people in property. I’ll always try to understand my clients’ business and offer practical commercial solutions. Real estate law can be complex, but I pride myself on a commercial common sense approach that helps my clients achieve their objectives.

I work with a diverse range of clients, from charities to government bodies, tenants, businesses, landed estates, local developers and property owning trustees. My legal specialisms include property sales and acquisitions, property management work, landlord and tenant services, general property advice and development.

Outside of work, I enjoy nature and the great outdoors, cycling, swimming, and walking. I also like travel, languages, other cultures, wine, cuisine, meeting people, music, art, and architecture.

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Talk to your solicitor before transactions start – they will likely have some sensible suggestions that may help

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If possible, consolidate thoughts and instructions and confirm in writing

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I try to scope out what is needed and give a clear estimate

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I try to give a straight and accurate answer and update as things progress

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