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From pubs and nightclubs to restaurants and sports clubs, I help entertainment and dining venues to secure the correct licensing so they can operate legally, efficiently and profitably.

When you need a licence, I’ll sort through the options available to you to find the most suitable solution for your business. Before joining the private sector, I was previously Senior Licensing Clerk at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court, so I can see any potential issues and complications from both sides of the process, and I use this experience to ensure my clients get the best possible outcome for their business.

I’ve worked with all kinds of different venues – from world-famous sports clubs like Aston Villa FC to boutique restaurants like Purnell’s. But no matter the scale of your business, I’ll find the most cost-effective answer to your licensing questions.

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If you want to branch out into new areas, have a chat to us first so we can help you get it right first time around.

Never just agree to what authorities ask you to do – you could end up being more restricted than you need to be.

Plan ahead – last-minute changes can often cost the most.

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