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Making a difference to individuals and families is what makes my work so rewarding. From wills and estate administration to trust advice, I help individuals to look after their affairs and protect their assets, in their lifetime and when planning ahead for loved ones. 

I enjoy the personal interaction and building a good relationship with clients. I listen carefully to their requirements and circumstances so that I can offer tailored advice.

Outside work, I enjoy hiking and have recently taken up yoga.

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Everyone should have a will and lasting powers of attorney in place.

Review your will regularly; it should always reflect your current financial, family and personal circumstances.

It can be invaluable to organise your important documents (will, living will, birth certificates, marriage certificates), a record of financial account details and important contacts (lawyer, accountant) available for your family after your death.

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Why do I need a power of attorney if I already have a will?

Wills and powers of attorney serve different purposes. Powers of attorney only operate during your lifetime and cease on death. Wills only take effect after death and have no status during your lifetime.

Why do I need a will if I am married? My spouse will inherit anyway.

Without a will, your spouse or civil partner will not necessarily inherit all your wealth.

What is Probate?

A grant of probate is a court certificate which confirms the legal authority of an executor (appointed under the deceased’s will) to deal with a deceased’s assets and distribute their estate.

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