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Finance lies at the heart of business – and as a banking and finance lawyer, it’s my job to help guide businesses through the wide application of different types of financing and their technical aspects in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I’ve always been fascinated by finance and banking and the important role the City has played in the development of financing techniques both in the UK and globally.

With over 25 years’ City experience, I work to be an integral part of your team in whatever transaction I’m working on, maintaining a strict focus on staying objective while not losing sight of your goals.

I’ve worked with banks, financial institutions, funds, corporates of varying sizes and professionals in office-holding capacities. My expertise ranges from leverage and acquisition finance to the debt aspects of M&A and private equity, corporate borrowing, real estate finance, and trade finance and restructurings.

Outside work, my passions include the countryside – especially fly-fishing and walking – skiing, reacquainting myself with tennis, and history. I also chair a grant-making charity which seeks to improve the lives of communities in Kent.

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Matters can take longer than they should, but we are experienced enough to know what a realistic timetable will be.

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We will do our best to give an accurate assessment at the start and keep you updated if the facts change.

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We have the experience to know what should work.

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