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The daily variety of property work excites and challenges me. I enjoy the repeat nature of asset management work which means I can build long term and meaningful relationships with my clients.

I am collaborative by nature and as a property lawyer I get to work with other colleagues such as charity, education, planning and construction solicitors. My considerable experience of over 20 years in real estate law allows me to advise my clients in a truly commercial and rounded manner. I’ve usually seen most problems before and can therefore quickly offer workable solutions with a friendly and collaborative approach.

I work with a wide range of clients, including private investors, landlords, tenants, charities, educational establishments and the boot and shoe industry. I provide several legal specialisms and advise clients regarding asset management, landlord and tenant issues, sales and acquisitions, property finance and charity law.

I am a watercolour artist outside of work and sell my work for charity. I also enjoy open water swimming, France and all things French, First World War history and spending time walking with friends and my Airedale terrier, Ruby.

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Get us involved at an early stage - you will almost certainly get a better deal out of the other party if you do, as we will likely think of something you haven’t thought of.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – if I can’t help someone else in the firm will be able to!

Keep your contact details up to date at the land registry at all times to help avoid fraud against your property.

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