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I help people to understand the challenges they may face as they get older, and provide guidance on how to tackle them head on. I work with families to plan for the future they want, and support older people when they want to keep their independence.

I specialise in helping older and vulnerable people, and many of my clients are referred to me by charities such as Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society and Scope. I’m also an approved adviser for Mencap, and a fully accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly. It’s important to be clear and to listen carefully when working with any person, but I use my skills to bring reassurance to my clients. Thanks to my knowledge and experience, I provide an insight that relatively few solicitors can offer.

I’m happy to visit my clients at home, or in hospitals or care homes, and I’m always available when they have concerns or questions.

Personal support to make wills

The personal approach Phillipa Bruce-Kerr brings to her work helped clients Colin and Christine Marsh when making their wills.

They said: “We really appreciate your help and for being prepared to get our wills produced in such a short time frame at such a reasonable cost. Most of all, we have valued your personal approach whilst feeling like we could ask any questions. We can highly recommend the excellent service we have received.”

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Take some time to plan ahead – you won’t regret it.

Be realistic. You might not be able to achieve everything you want, but I’ll do my best to find a result that works for you.

Don’t assume anything. Speak to a professional and find out what implications it could all have.

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Will I have to sell my home to pay care fees? 

Not necessarily, but make sure you understand what resources you have, what other money might be available, and what the rules are. Be clear as to why you are anxious not to sell your home, as this will help you to make choices you’re comfortable with.

How can I protect myself? 

Before you come to see me, think about what you want to be protected from, and I can then advise on the best options for you. It’s important to be realistic, as you might not be able to achieve everything you want to.

How can I protect my family?

Again, identify what it is you want to protect them from. I can tell you about the different ways that can help and also let you know about any potential limitations.

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