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I work with a range of clients, including insurance companies, brokers, corporate clients and individuals, to advise on insurance policy wordings, resolve policy disputes, and handle claims.

I will support you through any claims processes or policy disputes that may arise, being mindful of commercial sensitivities and personal implications.

I also advise on serious incidents, including incidents which could result in regulatory investigations or prosecutions. I will proactively manage the crisis event, provide clear guidance and a constructive way forward so the best possible outcome is achieved.

Outside of work, I enjoy being active and challenging myself to try new things. I recently learnt to sail, and so spend my weekends on the Thames – if it’s sunny!

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

• Be organised: keep all your important documents up-to-date and easily accessible. They could become critical in the event of a claim or regulatory investigation

• Stay up-to-date: regularly review your policies and internal procedures to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’ and have been communicated to stakeholders

• Have a plan! This is so that when an event occurs you know exactly how to respond.

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How can I best protect my business?
• Check you have appropriate insurance covers in place that address the key risks to your business

• Check that the indemnity limits are sufficient

• Understand what exclusions have been imposed and how insurers might use them to avoid a claim. The business could be at serious risk if finds itself uninsured following a serious event.

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