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Insurance law covers a wide variety of work – from analysing policy coverage, responding to insurance claims and considering risk management and mitigation. I work with my clients, providing clear communication on complex issues and remaining accessible at all times by phone, email and videocall.

My deep understanding of the legal issues my clients face means I am perfectly placed to advise across a diverse range of claims along with advising on the importance of risk management to help prevent future incidents. I’ve represented insurers and large companies along with government insurers. My legal specialisms include personal injury claims, including both physical and psychiatric injuries, health and safety investigations, inquests and reviews of policy coverage and suitability.

Outside work, my passion is travel. Prior to moving to the UK, I visited California, Hawaii, the South Pacific Islands and Singapore. I’m looking forward to visiting more of the UK and Europe.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Document everything – keep thorough records of your insurance policies, incidents and details of any claim. This can be crucial in building a strong case or defence

Stay informed – regularly review your policies and procedures, keep on top of new developments in the field and liaise with other industry members

Plan for the future – take any litigation or investigation as an opportunity to prevent future incidents and better claim-proof your business.

Read questions I'm frequently asked

Is this covered by my insurance policy?
This depends on the wording of the policy, but individuals and businesses should review their policies to see if they accurately cover their needs and risks. If you’re unsure, contact me and I can assist.

Will my premium increase?
This depends on the claim and the policy; but if your premium does increase it can often be a small price to pay for your insurer to respond to the claim on your behalf.

How do I prevent future claims?
Regularly review your procedures to ensure they comply with legislation and are suitable for your business needs. Be sure to let your insurer know of any changes to your circumstances.

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