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Ross Johnstone, Partner, Head of Real Estate London

Real Estate

Direct Dial: 020 7400 5034
Mobile: 07970 682 440

A bit about me

Real estate often means so much to businesses and it’s intrinsic to what they do and I’m dedicated to helping clients no matter the deal size. I enjoy the satisfaction of a completed deal.

I have extensive experience in the areas in which I work, including sale and purchase contracts, commercial leases and all related docs, development agreements, NHS funded primary care property development and leases, and real estate finance.

Property is often a huge outlay for a business – I’m here to help deliver the bricks and mortar deal which allows the client to get on with doing what they do best. My clients range from developers (commercial and in healthcare), to landlords, tenants, and banks.

Outside of work, I enjoy live music, rugby, art, spending time with my family and walking in the great outdoors.

Want to know more?

Always think of the tripod relationship – you, us (solicitors) and your accountant/surveyor – and work as a team from the outset.

How long?

I’ll give you an idea at the outset but be assured I’ll drive things on and keep you informed

How much?

You can be assured you’ll get value for money – we’ll do a cost-effective job.

How come?

A bit of a catch-all, but an inquisitive client is one who is engaged in the process, listening to what we say and reading what we write so don’t ever be afraid to ask.

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