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In the agricultural and rural sector, often there is so much more to a client’s case when you dig down into the matter. It is an interesting and varied area of law that requires a holistic approach; it is not always about the transaction at hand, but how it can affect other parts of the client’s business or family life.

I am passionate about building long term relationships and helping people achieve the best outcome for them. It is important that I understand what is driving my clients, so that I can provide honest and constructive advice. I work with a range of professionals including surveyors, accountants, and colleagues in other departments to ensure the most suitable approach is taken.

Outside of work, I love being outdoors (live on a farm) and riding my two horses. I am also a Volunteer Field Officer for The British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre.

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Contact us at the start of the matter and not part way through; having professional advice from the start helps to improve the end result.

Consider what you hope to achieve from the transaction in the long term to ensure that it is the right option for you rather than just to trying to achieve a quick fix in the short term.

Be realistic and be prepared to change your goals to achieve a successful outcome which is in your best interests.

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How long will the process take?

We will need as much information from you as possible in order to give an honest and realistic estimate. We will always do what is in our power to meet your timescales.

How much is it going to cost?

Every transaction is different, so it depends on the complexity of your case. We work hard to scope the work and provide the estimate before we begin, and will always keep you updated along the way.

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