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The variety of construction law is what keeps me so engaged with my work, from the detail and process of contract negotiation to the creativity and innovation required in dispute resolution. The positive impact of the construction industry, on both the local and national economy, is another important factor.


I support my clients by providing practical and commercial advice, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Whether they are developers, contractors, government bodies, funders, or private individuals, I deliver the same client care to ensure they can make informed strategic decisions.


I help clients negotiate construction contracts and settlements, as well as resolving disputes through litigation, adjudication, and arbitration.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing multiple styles of martial arts, as well as hiking, reading, and travelling.

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Take legal advice as early as possible. This can assist in resolving issues before formal proceedings are instigated.

Understand the contract you are entering and follow its terms.

Keep good and accurate records.

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How long is this dispute going to take to resolve?

This is very dependent on the chosen dispute resolution process itself (e.g. High Court litigation will generally take much longer than statutory Adjudication) but with pragmatism on both sides the majority of disputes can be settled in good time.

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