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As part of the Health and Social Care team, I ensure that businesses apply employment law fairly and correctly, but in a way that enables them to grow and prosper.

I know the sector inside out, and work with care providers, vets and dentists to navigate the impact of employment law when they sell or acquire a business. While at Harrison Clark Rickerbys, I’ve acted on a number of complex cases, including defending unfair dismissal and discrimination claims against NHS Trusts, and mass equal pay litigation for a local government employer.

No matter how intricate the legal issue, I make sure that I keep things as simple as possible for my clients, using jargon-free language and applying my advice directly to their business. I also keep clients informed of changes that impact on their employment practices through relevant seminars and sector publications.

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Be honest about your motivations – I’ll help you to get the outcomes you want in accordance with the law.

It’s easy for issues to snowball into something bigger and costlier, so get advice as early as possible to avoid the avalanche.

No matter what the agreement, get it in writing! This includes contractual arrangements and any other agreements with your staff.

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Do I need to pay my care staff National Minimum Wage for every hour they work for me, including when they’re asleep?

This is one of the most controversial areas in the care sector, and the question of whether sleep-in shifts amount to working time is currently subject to review by the Employment Tribunal system and HMRC. This is a rapidly developing area of law, but one we’re continually monitoring, so we’ll keep you informed of any changes.

Do I need to comply with TUPE legislation when I am buying or selling a business?

TUPE - the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations – applies to transactions where assets are being moved from one undertaking to another including many business sales. So, it’s essential to take advice about your requirements and when employees need to be told so that you meet your obligations and avoid risk of Employment Tribunal claims.

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