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I like the complexity of land law.  This is an area that everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives and I will always do my best to get the deal done. My area of real estate focuses on large scale development.

The specialisms I provide include development law, development agreements, building leases, conditional contracts, overage, disposals, and purchase of development land. I also offer housing advice, including housing overage and government grant funding.

I provide critical friend analysis to effect productive problem solving.


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Be realistic – for a deal to get done both sides need to be working together and to the same timetable.

Be decisive and firm but fair..

Why hide problems when you can face them head on, solve and move forward

There is nothing in property law that cannot be resolved.

Questions I'm frequently asked

Can I do this even though the contract says no?

The terms of a contract can be varied provided all the other parties agree. However, with a Government Agency there may be procurement issues to consider.

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